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About Us

Who we are and what we can provide you?

Companies with their Strong Will, Firm Desire, High Qualifications, Amount of Digital Innovation Platforms (Projects), Results and Added Values Are not otherwise.


The most valuable global companies of today are digital

  • Our Company Is Digitally Born:
    • A Digital-Born Startup, Based on A Culture of Knowledge and Information, New Digital Technologies, Digital Transformation and Innovation, Founded with Digital Minds and Experiences of Common Understanding to Be A Great Example of Successful Digital Innovation.
  • Our Specialty:
    • In the Global Technical Field, In Designing, Constructing and Launching Commercial Digital Innovation Platforms, Tailored to The Needs of Its Customers in All Sectors and Large, Small and Medium Enterprises.
    • Creating Meaningful Digital Content That Gives Value to Something to Be Presented
    • Offering Integrated and Interactive Digital Marketing Solutions for The Digital Business World.
  • A Leader in Change:
    • A Leader Company That Has Changed the Rules of The Game in The Digital Business Platforms with Its Value-Added Services.
  • Investments in Digital for Digital Minds:
    • Companies with their strong will, firm desire, high qualifications, number of digital innovation platforms (projects), results and added values. are. not otherwise
    • We Have Invested Our Expertise and Exerted Our Efforts, Our Human and Financial Resources to Offer You This Range of Innovative Digital Business Platforms, Comprehensive and Effective, To Be at The Level of Your Ambitions, To Meet Your Needs and To Meet Your Desires, Which Is Not Provided by Other Websites.
  • Private Fixed Ground Values:
    • We Created Our Value Chain Using Digital Technology from The Beginning, Allowing Us to Focus Our Attention on Giving These Values to Members and Partners from A Fixed Digital Ground.
    • We Rely on The Power of Technology in The Creation and Launch of Our Digital Platforms According to The Latest Modern Technologies in Publishing, Display and Marketing.
  • With You from The Beginning:
    • Our Business Starts with You from The Beginning (Digitization, Digitalization, Digital Transformation and Digital Innovation) Towards Digital Business.

In an Era of Commercial Volatility Today, We Had Only Innovation Based on Our Will, Potential, Expertise and The Ability to Continuously Develop These Digital Platforms.

The founders ( The digital family ):

This Digital Family Is Distinguished by Its Multiple Specializations, Scientific Qualifications and Practical Experience in The Field of Information Technology and Building Digital Platforms And E-Marketing for More Than 25 Years, And Has Relied on All Those Qualifications in Building, Designing and Launching This Great Global Project, Euro Zano.

Ismail Zanona
Development of Education Arab Open University
Soheer Issa
Bachelor's degree
Electronic Commerce Al-Quds Open University
Mohammed Zanona
Bachelor's degree
Information technology Saudi Electronic University
Ahmed Zanona
Bachelor's degree
Information technology Saudi Electronic University
Khaled Zanona
Bachelor's degree
Information technology Saudi Electronic University
Mohanad Zanona
Bachelor's degree
Information technology Saudi Electronic University
Majed Zanona

Our Vision:

  • We share our future vision with our customers:
  • We have had a clear vision of all the global meanings of digital platforms and the administrative and financial requirements and commitments that require us to determine exactly what we want, how and when we seek to achieve it.
    • To Become a leader in the digital innovation industry by developing, innovating and delivering the best digital platforms based on experience, knowledge, added values and return on investment
    • To Become Our platforms one of the best global platforms that harness the potential of technology and the benefits of digital global trade in the interests of members, partners and customers to improve revenue and added value sustainable.
    • To Become one of the best global companies that rely on digital technology to provide integrated marketing solutions to their customers.
    • To Become the leading digital partner that maximizes the value of our customers during the digital transformation process

Our Mission:

  • Contribute to The Leadership of The World of Digital Commerce by Launching the Latest and Most Powerful Digital Platforms That Contribute to Provide the Best Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions and Interactive and The Application of The Best International Standards.
  • To Work Effectively and Honestly to Enhance the Position of Members, Partners and Customers in The Digital Business World by Offering Many Innovative Digital Platforms.
  • To Continue to Follow the Approach of Change and Development by Creating Various Digital Platforms That Keep Pace with Technical Development and Meet the Needs of Customers to Help Them Stay Ahead.
  • To Be the Pioneers in Providing Innovative Digital Platforms with Its Diverse Services, Effective Content and Integrated and Interactive Marketing Solutions Based on Customer Relationships and User Experiences.
  • Provide Integrated and Interactive Marketing Solutions to All Our Customers.
  • Achieve Total Customer Satisfaction by Delivering Everything That Leads to Their Success and Direct and Close Collaboration with Them to Ensure Added Value Through Innovative Digital Services and Solutions.
  • Enable Our Clients to Expand Their Markets, Secure Their Business, Enhance Their Brands and Achieve Quality by Applying International Best Practices.

Our values:

  • Values mean trust and leadership, and therefore our core values determine what we now offer innovations and what we will do to achieve value for our partners and customers:
    • Commitment to achieving values for all without exception.
    • Reliability, honesty and loyalty.
    • Commitment, professionalism and efficiency.
    • Excellence and work in a team spirit.
    • Trust because of our culture.
    • Transparency and flexibility in dealing and participation.
    • Customer Focus.


As Much as We Face and Face the Challenges of Spreading the Culture of Digital Innovation as Much as Our Commitments.
  • Adaptation and Exploitation of Technology
    • One Challenge Lies in The Transition from Realistic to Form A Rigid Digital Model Is Comprehensive, Durability, Integration, Cooperation and Coordination with The Full Focus on The Processes and Capabilities in All Business Maintains and Leads Various Processes Smoothly Complete.
    • One Challenge Is to Create A Strong, Coherent, Flexible and Flexible Structure That Relies on Active Participation in An Easy and Smooth Environment.
    • Find the Best Techniques to Simplify Systems, Models and Digital Processes Away from The Technical Complexity in Construction, Design and Use.
    • How to Integrate Digital Technology Development Tools and Systems, Multiple Digital Marketing Channels and Associated Human Processes on The One Hand and The Requirements of Partners and Customers on The Other.
    • Quickly Create and Launch Viable New Innovative Digital Projects and Models.
  • Technology and Culture of Change

    With Fully Aware of The Value and Status of Technology and The Need for Digital Transformation, But We Also Believe That They Are Not an Immediate Solution to What Is A Cultural Issue Is the Lack of Desire for Change. However, We Strive to Do More to Achieve Our Goals.

    • The Lack of Weakness of Many Companies' Plans Towards Digital Transformation.
    • The Lack of Seriousness of The Many Decision - Makers in The Exploitation of Modern Digital Techniques or Even Exercise Themselves Because They Think It 'S Only the Younger Generations.
    • Many Companies Believe That Digital Transformation Represents A Significant Additional Cost Without Immediate Investment Returns.
    • The Biggest Challenge Was the View of Some That Any Technology Requiring Money Would Not Be Workable Regardless of Its Effectiveness.
    • Many Companies Lack Digital Talent and Expertise.
    • Many Decision-Makers Feared Technical Change.
    • Satisfaction Customer Returns and Investment Values Added:
    • How to Provide the Best Digital Projects and Services to Our Partners to Achieve Their Goals, And Contribute to The Development and Modernization of Their Production and Marketing Capabilities.
    • The Ability to Respond Quickly to Requests and Meet the Needs of Customers and Visitors with Fast Transformation and Lack of Patience.

Our Digital Platforms Strategy:

  • We Had Before the Development of Building Strategy and The Launch of Digital Our Platforms to Answer These Questions in Particular: What Digital Strategy We Need? Why Is Precisely? Why We Invent? What We Offer? For Those Who Offer? How will we give it and what is the return?
  • We Needed A Strategy:
    • To Meet the Challenges and Risks That Exist and expect.
    • L Informed Decision-Making, Rapid Implementation.
    • To Create the Capabilities and Capabilities to Support the Digital Processes of Our Innovations.
    • To Study and Adopt Strong and Applicable Digital Business Models.
    • To Reach Our Partners More Effectively and Involve Them in The Processes.
    • To Achieve Investment Returns and Added Values for All.
    • To Ensure Quality, Measurement and Results.
  • It Was an Effective Strategy Characterized By:
    • A Strategy That Identified the Right and Fast Paths Through Which because We could to Transform Our Innovative New Ideas into Global Digital Platforms and Smart Applications.
    • A Comprehensive Strategy Based on Integrated Plans Created These Platforms given The Points of Strength in Every Element of Its Elements and Use Them to Achieve the Maximum Required Results for Us and Our Partners and Our Customers.
    • A Realistic, Integrated, Coherent and Accurate Strategy Based on A Strong Will, A Firm Desire, Conscious Management and Continuous Action.
    • A Strategy That Has Definitively Erased the Boundaries Between Planning, Construction and Implementation.
    • It Adopted A Strategy on Integration, Interaction and Coordination of An Unprecedented Between Digital Technologies and Processes Associated With.
    • Strategy Developed Primarily for Active Participation Among the Organizers on The One Hand and Between the Sectors and Categories of Members and Diverse Partners and Customers, on The Other Hand, to Achieve All the Goals Set and Win the Results of The High Value for All Parties.

We and Our Customers:

  • Our Deep Understanding of Our Customers Is the Basis of Our Success, They Are Partners with Us and With Us Wherever They Are and Not Just Names, Addresses or Followers.
  • Our High Appreciation of Customer Satisfaction Is A Direct Result of The Company Culture That Is Fully Dedicated to Supporting Our Customers at Every Point of Contact.
  • We Are Keen in Our Relations with Our Partners to Exchange Innovative Ideas to Achieve A Rewarding Investment Return and Safe and Sustainable Results.

Added Values:

The Key Values We Believe in And Strive to Provide to Our Customers:

  • The Value of Respecting and Appreciating Innovation and Innovators.
  • The Value of Effective Relationships with Partners and Customers.
  • Values User Experiences.
  • Value of Effort, Work, Achievement, Organization and Management.
  • Value of Money and Return on Investment.
  • Community and Human Values.
  • Values of Skills, Experience and Overall Organization.
  • The Value of Promises and Mutual Trust.
  • Values of Participation and Cooperation.
  • Values of Counseling.

Goals, Tasks and Role of Our Platforms:

We Have Fully Realized That the Real Value of Our Platforms Is to Achieve the Common Strategic Goals That We Set for Ourselves and Others, Including:

  • The Main Strategic Aim Is to Achieve the Interests, Desires, Aspirations and Needs of All Parties with Whom We Share and Share These Platforms from Members, Partners, Customers and Visitors Alike.
  •  Achieve Common Goals Shared by Our Company, Members, Partners, Customers and Visitors:
    • Join the Latest European Digital Platforms for Global Business.
    • Provide Unlimited Global Presence 24/7.
    • Enhance Coordination and Compatibility Between Departments, Functions and Processes.
    • Mastery of Speed and Good Use of Time for All Parties
    • Exploit the Digital Means Developed for Publishing, Display, Marketing, Communication and Management of All Operations.
    • Strengthen the Company's Position and Brand Globally.
    • Know the Trends of The Commercial Sectors and Their Multiple Markets.
    • Competition Analysis to Improve Performance and Develop Skills.
    • Easy Access to Customers and Building Relationships and Customer Service.
    • Communicate and Interact with Members, Partners, Decision Makers, Experts and Clients.
    • Increase Opportunities for Expansion and Presence to Meet the Needs of Local and International Markets.
    • Increase Business Exchanges, Manage and Improve the Supply Chain.
    • Building Partnerships and Joining Industry and Trade Associations.
    • Rationalize Spending and Collect Revenues, Investment Returns and Sustainable Added Values.
    • Business Development, Products, Services, Sales, Customer Service and Quality.
    • Enable Customer Understanding, Audience Satisfaction and Invaluable Customer Insights.
    • Develop Departments and Departments to Involve Them in The Management of Operations and Customer Relations.
    • Achieve Your Strategic Goals for Integrated Marketing and Interactive Marketing.
    • Provide Customers with Structured Information and Comprehensive Content.
    • Achieve Increased Sales, Revenue Collection, Investment Returns and Added Values.

The need for our platforms and why diversity:

The Manifestations of Rapid Digital Transformation Show Today Clear Between the Young Generation Technology in Various Sectors, Who Have Visions of a Future Different P N Previous Generations and Are Looking for Digital Innovations That Make These Visions A Reality. This Requires Us to Find Digital Platforms Are in Line with These Visions and Achieve Their Existence and Be Able to Meet Their Needs and Achieve Their Goals and Demands. Hence the Need to Launch These Diverse Digital Platforms to Be These Digital Minds.

  • Meet the Needs of The Global Digital Market by Providing Digital Platforms with Comprehensive, Effective Content by International Standards to Promote Integrated Digital Marketing Systems and Channels.
  • Keep Pace with Growth, Rapid Global Commercial Transactions and Means of Marketing, Public Relations and Sales Through the Internet.
  • Meet the Needs of Companies in Launching the Most Comprehensive and Faster Business Digital Adopts Its Approach in Disseminating Information and Displaying Products and Services, Solutions and Marketing to Reach Customers and Strengthen Their Relationships and Improve Their Experiences.
  • Providing Partners and Customers with The Digital Skills and Capabilities Needed to Develop Departments and Departments and Redistribute Roles and Tasks to Enable the Achievement of Digital Transformation.
  • To Keep Abreast of The Changes in The Customers Behavior and The Consumer because of The Use of Various Means of Technology and Methods of Research and Purchase.
  • Finding Modern Alternatives at The Lowest Costs for Expensive Corporate Websites and Individual Marketing Costs.
  • Meet the Needs of SMS By Providing A Platform That Brings Them Together in The Global Competition Market.
  • Assist Our Partners in Adopting the Integrated Marketing and Communication Approach to Develop the Marketing Message to Keep Pace with The New Trend of Consumer Behavior.
  • The Names and Fields of Our Platforms Have Diversified to Keep Pace with The Diversity in The Sectors and Fields of Global Business Because We Believe That There Is No Single Field That Can Include All the Business of Partners and Customers in Their Various Fields.

Management Team Our Best Investment:

  • If Our Motto Is "The Right Leaders in The Right Place" We Think We Have Something That Distinguishes.
  • Our Company disable Rule by an Integrated Team of Digital Mindsets and Long Experience, Possess A Set of High - Skills and Capabilities in Dealing Professionally with Digital Technology Including for Example:
    • They Have A Culture That Loves Development and Change, Not Afraid of Risks, Prefers to Deal with Bold Digital Initiatives and Innovations.
    • An Interdisciplinary Management Team of Experts and Professionals in The Fields of Digital Technology, Building Various Platforms, Preparing Specialized Digital Content, Integrated and Interactive Digital Marketing, Customer Relations and Improving User Experiences.
    • They Have the Capabilities to Adapt All That Is New in The Technical World and Present It is Fun Easy Ways.
    • It Is A Respect for Mutual Support and Encouragement for The Ongoing Basis for The Actual Work Culture They Have.
    • Most of The Team Members Have A Long Experience of More Than) 25) Years in The Construction and Development of Sites and Portals Digital Online Platforms.
    • They Are Technically Skilled, Competent, Professional, Cooperative.
    • Experts in Technology, Platform Building and Web Development, Master the Design of User Experiences.
    • They Have the Will and High Focus of Openness and Constructive Thinking. Collaborate and Passion for Digital Solutions to Current Business Challenges.
  • Team Leadership Functions and Clear Role as at The Crown Policy-Making Supreme and Strategies of The Company, Management and Development of Programs and Models of Digital Innovation Processes, The Development of Plans and Necessary Programs for Their Implementation, Preparation of Content And Building Structural Design Innovations and Digital Projects, Supervising Programs and Marketing Operations And Customer Relationships and Experiences of Users, Preparation of Operational Plans And Supervision .
  • We Have an Environment of Work Encouraging That Give Our Team A Wide Range of Innovation.
  • We Have Experience That Makes Us Better Deal with Members, Partners and Customers (Treated in Terms of Experience).
  • With the Presence of These Qualifications and Experience Technical Leaders, Under These Supporting Digital Environment, We Launched Our Platforms for Decision - Makers of Digital Minds in Every Place.

However, We Are Always Looking for Digital Minds, Skills and Expertise in Digital Business to Join Our Team.